Make sure mosquitoes aren’t on the guest list with Mosquito Joe of Tampa Bay!

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The idea of promising forever in an intimate setting and under vibrant foliage at sunset can be a dreamy inspiration for couples planning an outdoor wedding, but when the weather is warm and the sun is setting it’s also time for mosquitoes to start their dinner.

The last thing you want guests to remember about your big day is that they were eaten alive by mosquitoes. And if you’re the bride, the last thing you want to be putting on with your wedding dress is insect repellent. Mosquito Joe of Tampa Bay offers special event sprays that can be tailored to your outdoor wedding venue in the Tampa Bay area to make sure your day and/or evening is itch-free. Since the product dries in 30-45 minutes, our certified technicians can come to the property and spray the day of, making sure the event space is swat-free well before the caterers and DJ arrive. You can kiss the nightmare goodbye of your bridal party swatting mosquitoes away during the ceremony, ruining your forever photos. So, make sure you add “Call Mosquito Joe of Tampa Bay” to your wedding planning checklist.

If you just popped the question or if you just answered yes, congratulations! We hope wedding planning is a fun and exciting time for you. If not, Mosquito Joe special event sprays aren’t just for weddings, either! If you’ve got a family BBQ, birthday party or graduation party in your future, give Mosquito Joe of Tampa Bay a call at 727-233-8100 and ask about our event sprays.

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